Saristra Festival 2019

2 Αυγούστου 2019 έως 5 Αυγούστου 2019


3 days of music, art and experiences among the ruins of an old abandoned village of Kefalonia.

2-4 AUGUST 2019
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Ian Svenonius Escape-Ism /
Blaine L. Reininger / Minami Deutsch / ????
Acid Baby Jesus / Jay Glass Dubs / Territroy /
The Callas / KOSTADiS / Georgios Karamanolakis /
Restive Plaggona (Noiztank)/ Kolida Babo / Strawberry Pills/ Dury Dava / ???? ??? ??? / SOFT SKULL / Echo Canyon
?s?i?s?t?e?r? / TurboTeeth / Bill Anagnos / MarcelDune /
???????? ???????? / Sclavos / Johnny Labelle / Xyn Cabal X Asty Tekk (dj set) / (Simos Ares b2b THE PRUDENCE TAPES) / Express Skopelitis / Nolo Areola / Taboole + BigBaby



[Visual identity by Stavros E. Bilionis]

Saristra Festival, one of the most special summer festivals in Greece, returns for the seventh time to the abandoned village of Old Vlachata Samiin Kefalonia.

In a unique setting with half-broken buildings, old cisterns, labyrinthine dirt roads,perennial olives, grapes, pomegranates and sheep, Saristra Festivalattempts to unite the past of theplace with the postmodern presentof the festival, giving the visitor the opportunity to tour every corner of this magical village enjoying great music, exhibitions, installations, lectures, yoga lessons, movie screenings and many more experiences ? all with free admission.

Saristra Festival, having previously hosted many important artists from Greece and abroad, returns more selectively this year with an explosive multi-line line-up. With two scenes ? the Square Stage that focuses on the guitar sound, and the most electronic (?hidden? in an eerie landscape in the area’s olive grove), Goat with Gold Teeth Stage, will present some of the most interesting namesthe Greek independent scene, as well as a few great guests from abroad.

This year’s great guest of the festival is Ian Svenonius, an active form of Washington DC’sunderground scene that always remains authentic in an unsuspecting post-punk spirit. Nation of Ulysses, The Make Up, Weird War, David Candy, Escape-ism, some of the shapes and personal projects that the musician who once won the title of?Sassiest Boy In America? has led.

Other selected guests are psychedelic Japanese Minami Deutsch with the reputation of one ofthe best live bands in the world,Blaine L. Reininger ?legendary? frontman of Tuxedomoon in a set that joins the dots from the days of the great band to the solo AcidBaby Jesus returning to the stageof the old village after their last appearance in 2017, The Callas with their holistic artistic universe, Territroy’s explosive partnership of Larry Gus and St Statik shortly afterwards the release of their album in the influential Dutch Dekmantel, Jay Glass Dubs with his dark oak and the dazzling criticism of the world music press, Cornet Restive Plaggona with his industrial techno, the supergroup of the $ OFT $ KULL with their ?dirty? guitars, the newly-formed Sclavos with post-punk concerns, theelectro / dark wave duo of Strawberry Pills with one of the best single (?Verbal Suicide?) of this year’s Greek production, TurboTeeth with its post-industrial fragments, Dury Dava their self-congenial Mediterranean (and a bit ?eastern?) psychedelic, sneji?s tretzew in their improvisational mysticism, Georgios Karamanolakis who will set up a wall of sound using various electroacoustic techniques, MarcelDune in an improvisational set that combines analogue anddigital sounds with recordings natural spaces, Kolida Babo with en if the sound that oscillates between Greek traditional music and free jazz form, Beyond the Mountains (the project of George Kontogiannidi of Numb Capsule Records) combining techno to IDM, Kostadis with improvised moods and introverted low tempo sounds, Bill Anagnos attempting to marry vaporwave with drone and lo-fi with world music, EchoCanyon combining field recordingsand noise echoes, sparking polyrhythmic spells, Odysseus Tzirtas ? the new star of the Greek scene ? with his petty and pop-folk pop and Johnny Labelle with the dreamylo-fi sound and the crooner voice, and after the end of the live decks of the two scenes, they take great djs like their duets Hypermedium Soundsystem, the Cannibal Radio web radio, Saturday night for a techno nite until dawn with a b2b set by Simos Ares and The PrudenceTapes, while the most rock’n’roll program assumes band members in a dj role, such as Nolo Areola (Acid Baby Jesus) and Taboole + Big Baby (Dury Dava). The traditional closing party of the festival istaking over this year’s ExpressSkopelitis duet.

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